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EVENTS 2012 – 2013

7th September, 2012,Fresher’s Social
Fresher’s Social held at Shilpagram, Panjabari.

8th October, 2012 ,World Architecture Day.
Guest Speaker Ar. Chandrashekhar Prabhu delivered a talk on Urban Doors.

15th to 17th November, 2012, GCA Visions 2012
Annual Exhibition held on a collaborative study tour with Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute of Architecture and Environmental Studies, Mumbai to Bishnupur & Panchmura, West Bengal.
The study was done on the famous terracotta temples and the balucheri saree’s of Bishnupur & also the famous terracotta Bankura Horse, a folk artifact and now the national symbol for Indian handicrafts of Panchmura.
Chief Guest Smt. Madhurima Barua Sen, ACS Hon’ble Director, Directorate of Cultural Affairs, Govt. of Assam inaugurated the Exhibition.

30th January to 3rd February, 2013
Annual Sports Week

15th February, 2013
Saraswati Puja was celebrated in the college.

25th February, 2013
Annual Sports Prize Distribution Day. Chief Guest Smt. Tayabun Nisha, National Level Disc Thrower distributed prizes to the winners.

23rd March 2013
The wheel of time marches on and on. Finally the day arrived. 7th Annual Day of our college. Everyone --- Honourable Chief Guest, Prof. Uday C. Gadkari, the President of Council of Architecture and Guest of Honour Dr. Pradyut Kumar Goswami, the Vice Chancellor of Assam Science and Technology University, Managing Trustees, Principal, teachers, staff, students, parents and special invitees --- in profuse exultation, sat beside the arena to witness the show, arranged in the Rabindra Bhawan Auditorium.

The Annual Day extravaganza, themed Ulta Bioscope 2013, exhibited the talents of the students with the help of the college authority and the viewers were pleased with it.

The first programme, the Ganesh Vandana by our students, was followed by the Dance-Drama, depicting the Ravana of Kalyug. Next, the Octatonic Pleasure musical group lead by Jitendra Buragohain, placed the combination of 8 different tones of music in the same flow as the Bhopali Raga, against the soundtracks of the violins, guitars, flute, keyboard and tabla. There were cheers all around as our Contemporary, Afro Jazz, Hip-Hop, Break, Salsa, Tap and Indian Classical dancers delighted the audience with their precise footwork and mesmerising floor patterns.