Bachelor Of Architecture

GCAP offers a 5-year degree program of B.Arch, which is recognized by the Council of Architecture. The 5-year Bachelor’s Degree program in architecture has been divided into 10 terms or semesters. It incorporates Design and Planning, Arts and Humanities, Science and Technologies, Practice and Management components. This dynamic program ensures that while students’ progress from raw talent to refined skilled architects, they also acquire awareness and application based knowledge. Thus the course focuses on holistic development.

During the 10th semester, students undertake practical training, as a part of the curriculum, which is the norm for any of the Courses in Architecture across the country.

The ASTU conducts all semester exams and declares the results for the same.

The Bachelor of Architecture Degree course also includes the following computer courses in Architecture (included in the curriculum):

  1. AUTOCAD 7 & 9
  4. 3D MAX
  5. REVIT

Master of Planning (Urban & Regional Planning)

Master of Planning (Urban & Regional Planning) is a course which will broadly focus on acquiring specialized knowledge in Urban and Regional Planning for the development of well structured cities/urban-regions, along with the sustainable management of towns and cities. This program focuses on fostering and understanding of the ways that cities and sites are constructed physically, socially and environmentally.

This is a 2 year (4 semester ) full time post graduation program in Urban and Regional Planning.

Salient Features

  • 100% Placements

  • International Industrial Visits

  • Approachable Faculty

  • Great Student-Faculty Ratio

  • Futuristic Campus