In order to be able to reach out to everyone, and help them achieve their dream, Guwahati College of Architecture and Planning provides its students with scholarships that help them ease their burden and enable them to focus on achieving excellence.


This Scholarship is for the academically brilliant students who are willing to pursue post-graduation in Master of Urban & Regional Planning (M. Plan) in GCAP. This is for the meritorious Post Graduate students of sociology, economics and geography who are keen on pursuing their Master’s in GCAP.

Rate of Financial Assistance :

Under this Scholarship Scheme, eligible students shall be provided as follows :

Category Course Graduation Eligiblity Criterion Scholarship Amount
C M. Plan Post Graduate In Geography / Economics / Sociology 70 % To 80 % Scholarship Of Rs. 30,000/- Per Semester
D M. Plan Post Graduate In Geography / Economics / Sociology 81 % & Above Scholarship Of Rs. 50,000/- Per Semester